Why Bamboo

Total Body Relief offers a line of luxury and top quality BambooSoft™ products. We believe that our sheets and pillows are the best and most therapeutic you’ll ever try. 

Here at Total Body Relief we’re confident, that with our products, you’ll experience an amazing nights sleep.

Sleep better live better!

Our BambooSoft sheets are made of Oeko-Tex certified 100% real bamboo fiber, which have several advantages. Some of the benefits of bamboo fiber include the fact that it is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.

 Our BambooSoft pillows are no exception, as they are resistant to mites, odors and germs as well. Bamboo fabric is also known to be anti-static, durable and breathable.

As a result, you have long lasting Sheets and Pillows that help you sleep comfortably every night.


For years, no standard in textiles existed. As a result, the product you purchased may have differed from the one that was depicted on the label. Many textiles may have contained known harmful substances or undergone chemical processes known to be harmful.

The OEKO-TEX® certification takes all of the guess work out of the buying process by ensuring that the product you’re purchasing meets strict guidelines and standards. Furthermore, it ensures that the product contains exactly what the manufacturer says it does. 

The OEKO-TEX® certification is your assurance that the company you’re purchasing textiles from has done their part to keep true to you and bring you products that are free of harmful substances.

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production.